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We are a full service television production company, specializing in Wedding Filmmaking. Formerly known as 1AceRex1 Productions, we offer coverage on everything from Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, to birthday parties, Memorial Services, Fashion shows, Red carpets, and Live concerts with award winning artists. We have filmed events for the Beach Boys, Tom Jones, Macy Gray, Siedah Garrett, Jeff Franklin, John Stamos, Jamie Lee Curtis and many others. We have also filmed various corporate events and seminars for companies like Time Warner Cable and FOX. But while we have experience filming a little bit of EVERYTHING, our focus is on providing the best all around service for couples looking for a Professional Wedding Video.

Stemming from a background in broadcast television, at places like WMAR in Baltimore, and WBOC-TV in Salisbury, Maryland, and moving on to Los Angeles to work in the film and television field for the last 15 years, our Wedding Videos combine the best of both worlds. The best cameras give that great film look, but without the narrative of each day, personalized to display each couple’s unique personalities and style, a great picture won’t move you to tears. We treat each wedding as a one day feature film shoot, but without the benefit of any second takes. Besides the technical aspects of using each camera and it’s features, and knowing what adjustments to make for different lighting and location changes, it’s also the ability to anticipate and capture the most sincere moments, in just the right way, at just the right depth, that makes us stand out. That comes with time and experience.

Our prices reflect the time and commitment put into perfecting our craft over the years, and of course, the countless hours that will go into making your video one of a kind. And while we thrive in creating cinematic “short films” of your Big Day, we also know how to take the fly-on-the-wall approach. We understand that not all couples are the same, and we adapt to whatever style fits YOU best. And if you don’t know which style fits you, we’ll help you figure that out. I’ve also had a chance to work first hand with several other outstanding wedding videographers across the country through the years. It’s amazing what a fresh set of eyes can do for your own work.

As a filmmaker, I get inspired by watching certain films. It’s the same way with weddings. When I see something that works, I add that to my arsenal, and that is passed down to my entire crew. All of this said, the bottom line is, you found yourself here for a reason. On Bended Knee Films will meet and exceed all of your expectations for your wedding video. It’s one decision you won’t regret making. Call today to schedule a meeting so we can discuss how we are going to capture and present the biggest day of your lives. I look forward to the journey with you.

On Bended Knee Films - Jeremy Dayton(Jeremy M. Dayton, Owner/Head Videographer)

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