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I just got home from filming Juan and Natalie’s wedding. What a day. From Reseda, to El Segundo, to Santa Monica, and then back to the Valley, with the reception in Chatsworth. A long day and triple digit heat with humidity. I probably should have waited to write this until after a shower I guess. Sorry, TMI.
My initial thought in jumping on here was to post a Proposal Idea of the month, realizing that September is only a little over an hour away- but then I realized, since I’ve been slacking all around when it comes to proposal ideas AND general wedding tales, why not just ramble a bit about my day.

It started off at the Embassy Suites hotel in El Segundo, where I met Juan and Natalie, and got to film them each getting ready for the big day. Juan, much like myself, was all to happy to relax and wait until absolutely necessary to jump into wardrobe, making it a near first for me, where the Bride is actually ready before the groom. A hop, skip, two step, and long jump to the other side of the hotel took me from one to the other- so back and forth I went for an hour and a half. They both had nieces and nephews more than willing to help moving and holding dresses, and posing, or not posing when asked. ๐Ÿ™‚ I could see the pride on each parent’s face. That’s what stuck with me most.
Off to Santa Monica, a bit later than I’d hoped. A bit of traffic on the 405 north (I so want to go on a Californians SNL sketch rant right now, but I don’t), had me a bit nervous, as I like to leave myself an hour of set up time at any church for set up of microphones and placement of cameras- especially for stricter churches. I ended up getting there with a half hour to go, which sounds like a lot, but by the time I’ve parked, gotten my equipment out and inside the church- I’m down to 23 minutes or so. I need to mic the groom, tap into the church’s sound for the officiant, and place a microphone for the Mariachi band. I’ve got to set up 3 cameras, one of which upstairs on the balcony. Yes, I conquered a 3 camera, solo shoot today. No problem. Done. Now the ceremony is about to start. Hit record on first two cameras and sound recorder, get in position, and I’m ready to for the procession.

I’m going to go on a side tiny rant here, just as a bit of an information brides and grooms may want to share with their friends. For the second time in two weeks, during the processional, there has been guests who literally put their entire bodies in the aisle, trying to get a great picture of the bride with their cell phone. Now I get it, it’s an exciting moment, and everyone has access to cameras via their phones and with social media it’s exciting to post a great shot…. BUT, it can make it VERY difficult for me as a Videographer, to capture one of the most emotional moments of the day for the bride and groom. Either on a tripod, or usually handheld, standing in a stiff position for steadiness, I have to completely readjust my body and re aim, then refocus, depending on the back light. Sometimes this repositioning forces me to block the view of the groom, which I HATE doing. (It’s either that or go low and shoot up, which is not usually a flattering angle to film a bride, especially at this moment). Sometimes it may not affect anything, as it could be a perfect moment for me to cut to the wide angle camera, or use a shot I have of the groom looking down the aisle, but sometimes there are only slight split seconds flashes of emotion that a bride or a Dad or someone else may let out as they walk down- and missing that moment crushes me as someone wanting to capture the key emotional moments of the day.
So to any future bride and grooms reading this, even just a brief mention of not getting in the aisle during the ceremony to take pictures to your friends, will make the money you invest in your video and photos completely optimized.

Okay, rant over. Sorry! Hope that wasn’t harsh. I just worry that after back to back weeks having it happen, it’s becoming a trend. I’m all for friends and family snapping as many pictures as they want- just RESPECT THE AISLE. ๐Ÿ™‚

Okay- after the ceremony and pictures outside of the church (Santa Monica Church), it was back up to the Valley. Being so close to home, I was able to stop home, down a Gatorade and get a quick snack- some leftover Hamburger Helper I made last night.

I’m getting exhausted now and the shower is screaming my name- so I’m going to end this. BUt not before saying the reception was a blast. Although they did fall almost an hour and a half behind, and had to cram a lot in in a hurry, but they got everything in. I was definitely on my toes all night, as there was no MC, but rather a Mariachi Band, who spoke in Spanish. Now I can understand a tiny but of Spanish, and speak it at an extremely elementary level, but someone has to be talking to me like I’m in elementary school also. So long story short, I was constantly recording, worried I might miss something. Thanks goodness the toasts were in English- though Juan’s father did give a short speech in Spanish- but it was short enough I can comfortably use the whole thing without worrying about cutting it down for time. (for the movie trailer only- the full edit always gets every full speech).

Okay, all in all, a great day, and Juan and Natalie were a fantastic couple. I went from hearing Juan sing in the shower, to singing to his wife at his own reception. You can’t beat that.

Now, I get to do it again tomorrow. Though thankfully, Gabriela and Manuel’s wedding tomorrow is a 6 hour affair, and not 11 like today!
Happy Sunday! And September!


Oh, and I should also add that I had the pleasure of working with a fantastic Photography Team.Tepe Luz Photography