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So I just finished a rush edit for one of two dvds for an amazing couple, Lian & Dan. They had a wedding filled with a tremendous amount of energy and positivity that rubbed off on anyone and everyone. This was in part, due to their friends. At Lian’s request, I stumbled upon a new feature I am offering, the “Confessional Booth.”
Rather than offering traditional testimonials, where I either go table to table with a microphone, or have people come up to me in any given public area, I set up a private “booth,” for people to come talk in. At the Smoggeshop, in Los Angeles, they had a built in large closet that worked perfectly!
Long story short, it was a hit, and I am amazed at the difference in what people will say and or do without spying eyes all around them. BUT, that story is for another day…
There were still a large amount of standard, yet very sincere and heartfelt voices of congratulations. I got reflective myself upon listening.
I’ve been filming weddings for over ten years now, and I’ve always heard people, generally uncles and aunts, close friends, grandparents obviously… say that they have known you (the bridge and/or groom) since they were in the womb. That’s always blown my mind. Like, wow, that’s a pretty amazing journey to witness. I picture my young niece. As I thought about it though, I was like, “Wow, I am not too far away from being the guy saying something like that.”
It’s pretty amazing how fast life goes by. Another weekend. Another wedding. Another day filled with memories that will live on forever. We grow old, but we try to stay young. IN that confessional booth, the young twenty something, early thirty something crowd, is obviously a bit more lively and “crazy” then the slightly older crowd, with a few exceptions of course. Does it have to be that way?
Going off on a bit of a tangent, and lots left to edit before a big trip in just over a week, so I’ll wrap this up, before I confuse you anymore.
Bottom line, I’m so close to being that guy that saw his niece grow up and into a beautiful bride, but I still feel like the kid growing up into that person. Can’t we have it both ways?
And… If life was like a confessional booth, life would be quite a party…