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After a long day Saturday, there was no rest for the weary on a normally laid back Sunday. Nope, this because the annual Graduation ceremony for Burbank Edu-Care Pre school is on Monday… today. Compiling over 4 hours of footage from throughout the school year, it is now my job to break that down to 15-20 minutes of highlights, making sure every kid has their fair share of screen time. 😉

So after another late night, and early morning, I am finished. Of course, there is a problem with the frame size, being that I mixed standard definition footage with high definition footage on the same capture sequence.. but hopefully the kids won’t notice. I don’t have time to render it properly for the show tonight, but before the dvd is handed out to parents I’ll take care of it.

Yup, probably gonna be a lot of late nights the next two weeks, as our trip to Sri Lanka approaches, and a pile of weddings to edit on my desk stares back at me.

Hope you are having a great Monday!