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All the planning. All the anticipation. Excitement. Nervousness; Will she figure it out? Will she say yes? Kai, with the amazing help from The Heart Bandits, who plan wow factor proposals all over the world, was set to pop the question on Saturday, December 18, 2015. What could go wrong?
Well, when you’re planning a surprise proposal in Santa Monica, by the beach, where the idea is to be casually walking down the boardwalk only to suddenly have a group of dancers spring out around you, choreographing their movements to the tune of the fiance to be’s favorite song, RAIN kind of puts a damper on things, not least of which, plausible rationality for a casual stroll down a deserted boardwalk with rain rarely seen in Los Angeles coming down. (Apologies for the run on sentence!)

Be that as it may, it didn’t stop our hero from carrying out his mission- and while she may have known he was up to something, it was still a ton of fun to watch; tho admittedly, not altogether AS fun to film, having to protect stationary cameras from the elements while being “incognito.” Yeah, she knew what was happening for sure, but check it out anyway, and TRY to get the song out of your head afterwards.

I think it’s worth adding, while I started out filming weddings, when I chose my business name, (On Bended Knee Films, duh :)- the art of the actual proposal, signifying the initial commitment to give yourself to one person for the rest of your lives, always captivated me a bit more. Everything after that moment becomes, to an extent, a formality. Filming this flash mob proposal, rain notwithstanding, reminded me of that, and was just an absolute joy to witness, not to mention capture on video. I look forward to filming many more in the coming months.