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After what has already been a long weekend, we now find ourselves at THE day of Independence. Thank you to all of our men and women of service out there. While we are cooking out, and celebrating an extra day off, you are out there protecting out freedom to do so, and I can’t thank you enough.

That said, I won’t be doing much extra celebrating today, as I plan on editing most of the day away, so that I can try and get completely caught up, before leaving for Sri Lanka next week. Hopefully I’ll find time to enjoy one of Nathan’s finest before the day is up, and maybe see a few fireworks tonight.

I hope you are all enjoying your day with family and friends, and as you should always, BE SAFE!

I’ll leave you with one idea….

Proposal Idea of the Week:
Okay at just about every wedding I film now, there is a photo booth. While I don’t necessarily suggest doing this at someone’s wedding, because you don’t want to steal any thunder from the bride and groom, find a photo booth at a mall or theme park. Disneyland or World would be a great choice. Take your girlfriend there.
YOu need to have 4 pre cut small pieces of white cardboard paper.
2- YOU
4- ME?

Tell her you will do 3 sessions. She will go by herself, and take 4 pictures. Then you will, then both of you. You’ll get her 4 pics by herself, pre proposal. Then you, during your proposal, then the both of you, POST proposal. While she is doing her solo pics, make sure you have all of you pieces together, and have the ring handy, to pull out with the 4th card if you want as well.

I’d try and wait in the booth by yourself, until your pics are printed. Make up whatever reason you want. If you can’t pull that off, get out and stand behind her as she goes to grab the pictures. When she pulls yours out, and turns around in shock, there you will be, On Bended Knee.

The rest of you day in the Park will be a magical one.