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Just sent out a wedding dvd. I have a book launch promotional video to edit and get online, before I start catching up with my queue of other weddings, which will get even larger this weekend.

I wish there was a shortcut to getting each wedding video done, but there is just no way to rush the creative process. I’m sure there is a Lebron James joke somewhere to be had in there, but we’ll stay on topic. Sometimes I’ll spend thirty plus minutes looking for that one close up smile of the bride, to use at the appropriate time in the musical montage. It’s all worth it in the end.

Proposal Idea of the day…
Take a picture of yourself holding out a ring right to the camera… When your girlfriend is asleep, or away, or wherever, change the background wallpaper on her computer. (Make sure there is a way to get it back later, though she might never want to change it…)
Turn her computer off.
If you can time it right, as she’s turning on the computer, position yourself somewhere behind her, and when she realizes what she’s looking at, and turns excitedly, there you are with the ring… On Bended Knee…