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Got back from Myrtle Beach the other night, and walked in the front door to a beautifully clean house. Thank you Marie. 🙂
The bread is actually put away, and the refrigerator is clean, not to mention, the patio and car she had cleaned while I was away. Anyway, I digress…

The wedding. I show up Thursday night, with a bag and a half dedicated to equipment, and ready for a fun ceremony on the beach, after seeing forecasts of good weather on the way.

Things change. Weather reports had severe thunderstorms projected for Saturday, pretty much all day, as soon as I checked on Friday. I have equipment in place to be okay with that, though not as much as if I were in Los Angeles (with my fully loaded car). However, I know no bride and groom want rain on their big day, ESPECIALLY when it’s outdoors and ON THE BEACH.

I pretty much stressed about it all day, while recruiting my brother (who lives there), to assist me, should I need the help, if it should indeed rain on the big day. And not only the rain, but the fact that the actual ceremony was on the sand, just before high tide was set to hit. Battling wind, sand, and now potentially elements from above are not the most fun conditions to work in. I’ve done it, even filming thru multiple hurricanes, but it’s not fun, and I often end up very wet…

With it being at a beach house, at the very least, a safe haven was only a few yards away.

Well, to cut to the end of the story in a heartbeat, when the thunderstorms did finally hit in grand fashion, it was like a party! All of the main events had already been completed, and all that was left was dancing! Dancing they did. Dancing in front of the loud, thunderous, lightning bolts, was actually a blast for the crowd, and just as much fun for me to film… under the safety of the porch overhead and inside.

So, as you can see, moral of the story, don’t waste time stressing! Just prepare for the worst, hope for the best, and live on in the moment.

Theresa and Shannon’s wedding went on and thru without a hitch. Only an hour after the ceremony took place on the beach, the high tide water level had erased any evidence of footprints on the sand. The biggest moon I had ever seen cast a beautiful light streak along the ocean’s surface.

Testimonials with the moon AND the lightning going off behind people was just icing on the cake.

Overall a great day, and many thanks to the help of wedding coordinator KathE, of Katherine Weddings, who made sure nothing was going to keep the wedding day from going off smoothly… and dryly. You can contact her at kathe@gayleweddings.com.
She is located in Hawaii, so if anyone in Hawaii is reading this, know that I will give you a great deal to come film your day there as well. 🙂

Looking forward to my next wedding in Myrtle Beach, and beyond…. Now time to get back to editing, Europe is just around the corner!!

Thanks Theresa and Shannon!

Here’s a few pics…