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So, unless my math is incorrect, this marks the one week anniversary of my first blog post.  On behalf of this momentous occasion, I hereby invite all of you reading this to give yourself the rest of the day off… What’s that?  Your boss doesn’t think so?  Okay, well give yourself a minute to take a few deep breaths, and just appreciate what you have.   A timeless quote by Anonymous (some day I really have to meet that guy!) says it best.  “Life is a journey, not a destination. ”  Or wait, was that Ralph Waldo Emerson?  Ehh, I still want to meet Anonymous.  😉

So just remember that even when you are trudging through days that seem to never end, you will make it to tomorrow.  Before each wedding I film, I tend to play this game in my head.  I take a shower in the morning, and while I’m in there, I pretend it’s a time machine.  I realize that in 12 hours or so, I’ll have completed my day, and be right back in that same spot again.  Sometimes I think how great it would be if I could just fast forward to that second shower, and skip the hard work ahead.  The problem with that is, along with the hard work… the sore back, knees, and wrist… comes the reward.  Spending time with a couple on the best days of their lives.  Meeting their friends and family, who 95% of the time, are on their best behavior and having a great time- and being able to capture those positive moments for everyone in attendance, especially and most notably the couple, to enjoy and relive forever. If I skipped all that, I wouldn’t have experienced the things that I was meant to experience at that moment in time.  Any given moment can change your life.  A split second can be the difference in winning and losing.  The same second can be applied to any moment in life.  We’re talking about hours during a day.  The hours that we want to hurry up and get through.  Those hours can be the ones that lead us to the destination we never want to leave.  So hang in there, even though it’s only Monday.  (I’ll apologize in parenthesis for that, in case it came off as a rambling.  Hopefully trapped inside is some coherency.  Maybe later I’ll explain where this mood is coming from…)

Anyway, had a long weekend, without giving myself much time off.  So today, I will attempt to recuperate, as I do some of the “busy work” for the week, which doesn’t require much effort.  That is to say, I will be uploading footage all day.   Give me creative juices a few hours off, so that I can get back to Regina and Robert’s wedding montage tomorrow.

So if your boss is cool, and let’s you celebrate my one week anniversary blog entry with me, than take off and enjoy a few hours doing whatever you want.  If not, enjoy the path anyway.  It might be a day you’re glad you didn’t hurry though.


Proposal Idea of the Day:

I’ll dedicate this one to Scott and Kim, as this is how Scott proposed.  Prepare your proposal in the sand at a secluded part of any beach, or lake…  (Will You Marry Me” tends to be the words of choice)

Find  a reason to take your girlfriend for a walk on the beach.  Perhaps, tell her there is a sand sculpture that some famous artist made, and you heard it was amazing  Ocean City, MD used to have new ones every day, usually religious depictions).

Walk her to that point in the sand, and have the ring ready.  When she gets there and realizes what it says in the sand*, you’ll be behind her waiting, On Bended Knee.

*(If you’ve done a great job selling what is supposed to be there, she may just think she is ruining someone else’s proposal, and scurry to get out of there, in which case you need to calmly explain that, “No Kim, this is for you.”)  🙂