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Okay, so this idea comes from a dear friend of mine. Thanks Meredith.

This will probably work best with younger couples, and ESPECIALLY if you like to go to clubs or enjoy dancing.
You can either set this up prior to coming with the DJ, or once you get there. May be even more surprising if you’ve already planned it, but plenty of excuses can explain talking to a DJ at a club, so either way.

Have the DJ ANNOUNCE that a ring was found on the dance floor. A few minutes later, follow up with another announcement that the ring found was a DIAMOND RING.

Wait a few minutes, then make yet another announcement, per DJ “I just want to mention again that a ring was found on the dance floor. It’s a diamond ring. And it, wait, it has something inscribed on it…

Now, here’s where you can get creative. You can inscribe her initials. (For Mary Olsen- M.O. “Is there an M.O. here?”)
Maybe a special date. (“Does the date 7/1/05 mean anything to anyone?”)
Maybe a special saying you have for one another, that is unique to you. General ones like “Baby” and “boo”- not so much.
Heck maybe you talked about how an ideal proposal should be in the past, like a different way to say “Will you marry me?” and you inscribe that on the ring.

Whatever it is, make sure she will identify with it.

During this, you should’ve made an escape to either “get drinks” or use the bathroom- and made your way behind the DJ. If your girlfriend hasn’t put it together yet, you can start feeding the DJ lines, and just plain ask him to call her by full name- and have him ask her to the dance floor.

This is when you appear from behind the DJ, get down on bended knee, and pop the question.

Hopefully you’ll have a near clear dance floor, surrounded by onlookers, and the DJ can chime in with, “I guess we found out who that ring belongs to.”

There are many ways to play with that scenario- and I’m sure you could take it to a whole ‘nother level if you want to (Did someone say dance floor flash mob??)

Either way, it’d sure be a night of dancing to remember… for better or worse. 😉

Happy proposing!