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Okay, I know it’s been a while. Over two weeks in Sri Lanka, followed by jetlag and a week plus of being sick and here we are. I’m just about back up to speed, so here’s a fairly straightforward proposal idea, but one that will surely knock the socks off of your girlfriend.

1) Pick a date. It could be your anniversary, of when you started dating, had your first kiss, where you first met (if you know that, kudos!)…

2) Tell her you want to pick her up from work that day, and take her out to dinner. A day that already has special meaning works best, so as not to raise any ladylike antennae as to “what’s the occasion?” Tell her to bring a change of clothes.

3) Rent a limo. You can get a good one for $/50 an hour (maybe even better) if you look hard enough. If you can’t, email me and I’ll point you in the right direction.

4) Make spa reservation for a couples massage.

5)Make dinner reservations at a restaurant where you guys have had a special moment together- or even just a place she’s always wanted to go.

6) Most importantly, buy an engagement ring.

If you can follow these steps, when and how you decide to propose won’t matter. You can:

A) Propose as soon as you pick her up, waiting by the limo with a ring out, going On Bended Knee as she comes forward. (Her friends and co-workers will falling in love with you at this point)… or…

B) Wait until dinner, and build it up however you’d like.

After you have taken her for a massage and had some champagne in the limo, she may start to get suspicious, so you might even want to pop the question in the limo. It’s all up to you. By doing it right of way, the night becomes an all out celebration. (This is assuming she says yes- so if you have doubts- wait until dinner)!!

You can accomplish all of this for under $500, not including the ring, and depending on where you take her to dinner. Of course, adding a stop or two to the overall trip is great as well, and a great way to enjoy the limo. Check your local area for a classy bar with a great view, and stop there for a drink after the massage, and before dinner.

Whatever you do, any time you can shower your girlfriend with public affection and romantic overtures, she’ll be on cloud 9 all night. So enjoy the ride, and don’t fumble the words, just get On Bended Knee. 😉