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Okay, so this flu has been by far thew worst I’ve ever experienced. I think a big reason was that I was detoxing when it hit me, but still. Phew. I am close to putting it completely in the rear view mirror, at last. (No wedding song pun here, nope, not at all).

Anyway, I meant to post this one a week or so ago, but have been avoiding the computer the past week. This idea is in honor of Paul and Jami, who got married one year ago, with their wedding reception being on the Norwegian cruise liner, The Sky.

This can be for cruise enthusiasts, or first timers. It’ll be easier if the proposer is an experienced cruiser though, as you’ll be better prepared for the routine of each day on a cruiseship.

First, make sure you bring roses, or are sure youll be able to find them on the ship. Second, make sure to bring the ring.

The key to this, is to convince your soon to be fiancee that you have gotten sea sick, or otherwise need to go back to the room, and you must do so alone. Your best bet is at any of the main meals you will eat during the day, preferably at night, and just cringe and hold your stomach. Excuse yourself from the table and say youll be back.

Work fast. You’ll want to get back to the room quickly, and immediately get out the roses. Rip off each rose petal, and spell out, Will You Marry Me” on the bed of your cabin. a pathway of roses can also be left from the bed to to door, and perhaps even from the elevator to the cabin door, if you can get away with it.

Take a picture if it too, in case it gets out of order later.

Armed with the ring in your pocket, you return to dinner. You know the rest.

Obviously if she is following a path of rose petals to the room, she might be on to you. You’ll do your best to SWEAR these weren’t here just a few minutes ago. Once inside the room, as you open the door for her, allowing her in first, you get the ring ready, behind your back.

When she turns from the bed, after reading it it, there you will be, on bended knee.

Open the ring box.

Lastly, make sure to do this at the beginning of the cruise. Don’t wait till the cruise is almost over. You want to enjoy the entire trip and celebrate it!

Here’s some cruiseship #’s to start planning:
Norwegian: 1.866.234.7350 (www.ncl.com)
Carnival: 1-800-764-7419 (www.carnival.com)
Princess: 1-800-774-6237 (www.princess.com)
Royal Carib.: 1-800-398-9819 (www.royalcaribbean.com)