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Ravens New Orleans
I would just like to take a moment to be thankful for the fact that I never booked an event for this weekend, as it is allowing me to travel to New orleans, to root on my hometown Baltimore Ravens in the HarBowl! It will be my first championship event for any sport, and I am beyond excited to be heading to LAX tomorrow, headed for Houston, and then the Crescent City!
My focus has been tested mightily this week, as I had to finish Mark and Melissa’s wedding before tomorrow, and having just completed that task, I can now pack!

ATTENTION Ravens fans (and 49ers fans as well)- if the Ravens win the Superbowl this weekend, MENTION THIS POST, and receive 15% off any package deal. I will offer this for an entire week after the big game. I’ll do so out of joy, as well as appreciation for you reading this far down in a post with title words Superbowl and Ravens! If we lose, and you’re a 49ers fan, I may charge double. Just kidding. 😉

Okay, there it was, a rare stray post off topic, because I’m at a boiling point of excitement! Purple blood is pumping thru my veins right now! I’m off!
Have a great week everyone!!