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Okay, it has been a VERY busy and hectic past month.  I have traveled all over California, as well as to Baltimore, Maryland to film weddings (not to mention Las Vegas)… and after a busy summer and Fall, I haven’t blogged much, or properly said thank you in a while- maybe NEVER, on here anyway obviously.  I just said thank you a minute ago in real life, for the record…

Okay, time to be thankful.
First.  Last night.  Thanks to Waveform Events for a great Halloween kickoff party at their brand new office in Huntington Beach, CA.  Had a great time meeting fellow professionals, mostly in the wedding industry.  A quick list of some great folks I met.  (I never say “folks” in real life btw, unless I’m making fun of Porky Pig of course).

Waveform Events – Thanks Martin & Michele (Michele Lacson Photography) for a great night!
Paper Crew – Thanks for the card advice Chanda, and I look forward to working with you on correcting it!
At Your Door Events – Sara, see above!
Silver Gecko Photography – Great hanging again Adam, and see you Sunday!
SoCal Shutterbooth – Great job last night- and great meeting the mother-daughter combo running the photo booth, Cheryl and Summer!
Ceremonies by Carolyn – Birthday night and still wedding mixing with a bullet in the head.  If you need a great wedding officiant, look no further!
Makeup by Melissa-Ann – From wedding day makeup, to special effects- she can do it all.

Those are just the few that come right to mind right now- but there were many more from last night alone.   Going back a few weeks, I worked with an incredible DJ as well, Jonah Lavitt, a cool, multi talented dude, and a great DJ who keeps the night flowing with ease.  Thanks man.

Also a quick thanks to former Client and current friends, Marvin and Michelle Velasquez, for the great time this past Saturday night at their Halloween party- and congrats on yet another publication in a national magazine about your wildly successful Wedding Proposal Planning business.  Amazing job guys- so happy for you!

Last weekend, while in Baltimore for a downtown wedding, which was amazing by the way, (so thanks Megan and Chris), after a long weekend, I forgot to check in for my flight on Southwest early enough to get decent boarding.  In line though, I met Kenneth ng and his wife, and asked them if they would mind saving me an aisle seat on the plane if they were able, noting that they had early B boarding.  The “I’ll try” didn’t sound too promising, despite my 8am puppy dog eyes (guess when you are 6’4″, 250 lbs, and barely awake that doesn’t work)- but there was I was- nearly the last one on the plane- happy to see his wife waving me back- as they had saved me an aisle seat.  Enough overhead space as well for my 2 jam packed bags.  I’ve never been more ecstatic walking on a plane- and it was literally one of the easiest flights I’ve ever had.  Kenneth was a nice guy and happens to own a company specializing in modern lighting.  If you find yourself in need, check him out.  His site is full of amazing designs.  Thanks again Ken!

Thanks to all of my wonderful brides and grooms who have had me represent the video camera for their Big Day.  I’m a bit backed up, but I promise to be working overtime to get you all of your videos before the New Year.

The day is quickly getting away, so I will leave it at that for now.  Time to get back to Jenna and Ross’s wedding, so I can soon get to Angie and Mike’s… and so on.

Final thanks.  If you are reading this, THANK YOU!!  Still don’t consider myself a blogger, hence the empty October, but any time I get feedback I realize there is always a purpose in any words of thanks you can write- or better yet, speak in person.  So never hesitate to voice thanks, and be thankful.

It’s an honor to do what I do, and I appreciate the fact that I can do it for a living.  I’m most thankful for that.  (I’ll thank my family in 4 weeks!)  😉

Have a great week!