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I’ve been deliberately avoiding wordy posts lately, deciding it might be better to have this blog be full of nothing but videos and proposal ideas, but today I digress. After a few long days of shooting and editing various different projects, and battling traffic all over LA, I had the opportunity to stay home today, to meet with a young couple, planning their wedding for December 2012. (I know, they are on the ball!)

I learned quite a few things today.
One, I actually have a reader, maybe a few…
Two, never talk to someone from behind if they have a twin and you’re not positive which one you are talking to… and
Three- I really love what I do!

Filming weddings for a living really is a blessing, and one that can often be taken for granted. But outside the lore of Hollywood success and cinematic hobbies, meeting and getting to know so many couples as they BEGIN the journey to the rest of their lives is really cool. Being able to preserve that special day, and in a way that makes it enjoyable to watch for not only them, but family and friends, as well as future generations, is even cooler!

And after a two hour meeting, I am very excited to be filming Jennifer and Joey’s wedding, in December of 2012. Crazy because I’m sure I’ll book another wedding for December, 2011 in the meantime. I’m honored to be the first vendor booked by them as well, which is the reverse of most cases. As I spoke with them about how “professional” the wording would be on the subject line for the paypal invoice I sent, Jennifer joked, “Oh just write ‘For the thing on that day.'” Yup, a very sweet couple. This is a wedding I look forward to and will have a lot of fun filming!

Now, back to editing…..