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The new website went live today… FINALLY.  http://onbendedkneefilms.com

It’s been a slow and gradual process, but since my decision to concentrate on filming weddings, and hence changing names, is going to pay dividends.  1AceRex1 Productions has been good to me, and I will forever use that name when and if I ever get back to making movies, but for now, On Bended Knee Films just feels right.

Now the question is, do I switch my name on all the bridal websites that have me listed as 1AceRex1 Productions.   I’m leaning towards yes, but could it possibly be beneficial to have two names floating out there.  I’m sure I could contact my past clients and garner a bunch of new reviews under the new name.  Any suggestions?

That’s about all for now.  Though I do want to tell anyone out there looking to get new business cards made, go to gotprint.com.  I just got 1,000 new business cards, two-sided with color and UV coating for $11 and change.  I am still in shock at how this place is in business, but they are amazing.  They also do post cards, brochures.. etc…

That’s all for now, but since it’s been a while…

Proposal Idea of the Week:

Very simple.  Remember the place?  The place where you and your significant other had that first moment?  That first moment where you started looking at one another a little differently?  Maybe it was the first place you met… Maybe it was the site of your first date… Maybe it was where you work, or at the gym…  Wherever it was, find a way and/or legitimate reason to take her there.  Prepare a few words.  Don’t worry about remembering them perfectly.  Getting nervous is perfectly okay.   Get her to a special place in that location, and point out a certain area that triggers that memory that you guys shared there.  Put yourself in position, so that when she turns around, there you are, on bended knee.