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Thanks for stopping by and checking out our packages.  We know what it’s like to be searching for a service and not see any prices listed; not fun, and you feel as though a used car salesman is gonna upsell based on every word you say.  For that reason, we feel it’s important to list our package prices with starting points.  Your time is valued as much as ours, so no need to waste it if price alone will cross us off your list.  While certain factors can and will allow us to be flexible with rates at times (so don’t be afraid to ask), they are set at a point that allows us to continue the level of excellence we have set for our past clients and ourselves as we movie forward.  A lot of pricing has to do with perceived value, and we know the VALUE in our packages is unbeatable.

On average, a minimum of 30-40 hours is spent working on each wedding, and that’s NOT including the time spent the day of filming it and planning with you beforehand, but AFTER the day has come and gone.   And while we avoid significant overhead costs by being an in house operation, the costs of staying up to date with the latest equipment adds up.  That said, we are still very respectful of the fact that wedding budgets are hard to maintain, and will try to work within yours, through customized packages, or possibly even discounts, depending on any number of factors.  Just ask.  We will never charge you any more than you need to be charged to get you everything you want in your Wedding Video.

Standard Packages

Price start at 5 hours of coverage for $1,995 ($250 per additional hour)


Documentary coverage that allows you to re-live all the big moments in real time, as well as a 60 second mini trailer (sneak peek) for posting on social media within 3 days.

  1. 2-3 HD Cameras
  2. One Videographer
  3. One minute highlight reel within 7 days (Uploadable to social media)
  4. Basic/Documentary edit of all main events
  5. One DVD or All files provided on flash drive
Diamond Packages

$3,995 for up to 10 hours of coverage, including bridal prep 


Everything included with the standard edit, but TWO Videographers and cameras for more extensive coverage, as well as a 5-10 minute cinematic Movie Trailer, in addition to the one minute NEXT DAY recap.

  1. 3-4 HD Cameras
  2. 2 Videographers
  3. One minute NEXT DAY highlight reel (Uploadable to IG & Facebook)
  4. Basic/Documentary edit
  5. 5-10 minute Movie Trailer
  6. 3 DVD or Blu Ray discs plus a flash drive with all files loaded
Platinum Package

Coverage up to 12 hours, including bridal prep for $4,995

Similar to the diamond package, but here you get a 10-15 minute short film as opposed to a movie trailer, as well as a 3rd Videographer with a steadicam and/or aerial coverage.

  1. Everything from the Diamond Packages, plus…
  2. a photo montage (up to 100 images) for display at wedding
  3. 3 Videographers ALL day
  4. 10-15 minute+ Short Film
  5. Testimonials
    *Up to 12 hours
  1. Additional Coverage Hours: $200/per for first videographer – Additional $100 for 2nd/3rd
  2. Movie Trailer (5-10 minutes): $895
  3. Confessional Booth (private enclosure for guests to leave messages):  $995
  4. Photo Montage: 75-100 picture slideshow documenting your lives until now – $495
  5. Love Story/Save the Date- A short film showing off the couple’s “Love Story” – $1295
  6. Same Day Edits – $995
  7. Blu Ray Upgrade – $40
  8. Photo Booth– $995
  9. Additional coverage hours on day of Wedding- $250/hour (per shooter)
  10. AERIAL Coverage pre and post ceremony: $895

* This price is cut in half for clients who have purchased a video Love Story or Photo Montage.

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