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Felicia & Zach Part II : The Wedding Day Movie Trailer

And without further ado…

They got married at a private ranch in Calabasas, in what was truly a remarkable wedding and just all around awesome setting. The decor and atmosphere was just special, and made for an incredible moment in their journey together. I was honored to be able to capture it and retell their story cinematically. Four cameras on the ground and one in the air were used for the ceremony, with 3 ground cameras for the reception. All music used was recorded LIVE during the Wedding ceremony, and performed by Brandt Jacobus.

Lisa & Matt’s Feature Length Movie Trailer

This was one of those weddings that had it all. Scenic location, amazing couple, amazing guests, originality and SO MUCH going on, there was always something fun happening. The positive energy never died down during my entire 8 hours on site that foggy day in Woodside, California. This was a fun shoot the entire day, and more importantly, a fun edit as well! You may notice in the background, they also got the Confessional Booth option, which this video serves as almost a little teaser for.