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Flash Mob Proposal in the RAIN : Kai & Emma

All the planning. All the anticipation. Excitement. Nervousness; Will she figure it out? Will she say yes? Kai, with the amazing help from The Heart Bandits, who plan wow factor proposals all over the world, was set to pop the question on Saturday, December 18, 2015. What could go wrong?
Well, when you’re planning a surprise proposal in Santa Monica, by the beach, where the idea is to be casually walking down the boardwalk only to suddenly have a group of dancers spring out around you, choreographing their movements to the tune of the fiance to be’s favorite song, RAIN kind of puts a damper on things, not least of which, plausible rationality for a casual stroll down a deserted boardwalk with rain rarely seen in Los Angeles coming down. (Apologies for the run on sentence!)

Be that as it may, it didn’t stop our hero from carrying out his mission- and while she may have known he was up to something, it was still a ton of fun to watch; tho admittedly, not altogether AS fun to film, having to protect stationary cameras from the elements while being “incognito.” Yeah, she knew what was happening for sure, but check it out anyway, and TRY to get the song out of your head afterwards.

I think it’s worth adding, while I started out filming weddings, when I chose my business name, (On Bended Knee Films, duh :)- the art of the actual proposal, signifying the initial commitment to give yourself to one person for the rest of your lives, always captivated me a bit more. Everything after that moment becomes, to an extent, a formality. Filming this flash mob proposal, rain notwithstanding, reminded me of that, and was just an absolute joy to witness, not to mention capture on video. I look forward to filming many more in the coming months.

From London to Santa Monica: A Beachside Proposal

Jack first contacted me by email. He was taking his girlfriend, Maddy, to Los Angeles on holiday and wanted to propose. He wanted to make sure it was caught on camera.

Over the course of the following 4 weeks, a lot of planning took place. An 8 girl Acappella group was added to the mix, as well as a plan to incorporate myself, them, and Jack & Maddy, in a way to make this an unforgettable moment in the lives of everyone involved. But especially for Jack and Maddy.

Watch it all unfold, beginning AFTER the point at which Jack and Maddy “randomly” walk by our singing group being filmed by yours truly just off the Bike Path on the Santa Monica boardwalk. The plan started with me pretending to need “real couples” to take part in the music video we were filming.

Maddy thought they were just stopping to take pictures of the beautiful sunset, and when I asked them to participate in the video, her first response was, yeah sure, “if you wouldn’t mind if we took some pics of the sunset first.” I offered up a trade. Sunset pics for their participation. Snapped some pics of them… and then this happened…

Hope you had kleenexes nearby…

Felicia & Zach Part II : The Wedding Day Movie Trailer

And without further ado…

They got married at a private ranch in Calabasas, in what was truly a remarkable wedding and just all around awesome setting. The decor and atmosphere was just special, and made for an incredible moment in their journey together. I was honored to be able to capture it and retell their story cinematically. Four cameras on the ground and one in the air were used for the ceremony, with 3 ground cameras for the reception. All music used was recorded LIVE during the Wedding ceremony, and performed by Brandt Jacobus.

Proposal Ideas Article by the Heart Bandits

Hey everyone-
Work is keeping me pretty busy these days. On top of a long summer full of weddings all over the world, I’ve had some other big projects come my way as well. That said, I haven’t had as much time to blog about proposal ideas as I originally intended when I started this blog.
Lucky for me, and you, last summer I had the pleasure of filming the wedding of Michelle and Marvin Velasquez, otherwise known as “The Heart Bandits.” They started what at the time was an incredibly bold and creative new concept, a wedding proposal planning company. Over the past few years, they have planned 100s of amazing and fabulous proposals, evening garnering national media attention in the process. So…

Cutting to the chase, here is an article published by Michelle on their company blog that I definitely thought was worth a read. And if you need help planning something extravagant, give them a call!


For more information on them, you can find them at http://www.theheartbandits.com

Happy proposing! 🙂

Proposal Idea of the Week

Okay, so it’s been a while since my last idea, and especially considering my good friend, Meredith, brought this one to my attention weeks ago, this post is long overdue!

Like many others, I am addicted to the Olympics right now… can’t get enough. Working at home, editing most days away, allows me to watch more than my fair share of NBC’s unfortunate coverage. (Tho, on a sidenote, as much as the tape delays bug me, it does allow me to watch events I otherwise might not I suppose)…

Europe is a great place to visit, just pick a country and go. Having just been there for the first time, including London, I am already planning my next trip. It is definitely a destination for many a romantic vacation, and plenty of honeymoons.

Well, this idea that my pal from college saw on the National Geographic channel, I think is just flat out awesome. At Dromoland Castle Hotel (previously just a castle- now turned into a Luzury 5 Star hotel), you ca hire a trained Falcon to fly down with the engagement ring on cue, as you pop the question.

Here is a link to the website for the hotel. http://www.dromoland.ie/

If you google it as well, there are quite a few stories, and even video uploads related to it. So while you won’t be the first person to ever do this spectacular stunt during a wedding proposal worldwide, you will most certainly be the first one to do it in your circle of friends/family.

I can only imagine the look on your girlfriend’s face as she sees a large Falcon flying down at her with her ring. Pretty cool right?

I tell you what. If anyone reads about this here, and goes ahead and does it… Let me know and I’ll give you a 30% discount on any package offer! I just need a photo of the bird in action with the ring!

Now go ahead and get down on Bended Knee. 😉

ps- Thanks for the idea Mer!