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Alyssa & Tecia’s Wedding Trailer

Alyssa and Tecia got married at the Hummingbird Nest Ranch in Simi Valley, California, on September 21, 2014. This was a two camera, single videographer shoot, with a 3rd (stationary) camera for the ceremony only.

This was a pretty special night, from the cute couple, to the majestic location, to the weather, and the gathering of friends and family.  Hard not to feel the love in the air.  🙂

Kelly & John’s Wedding Movie Trailer

Kelly and John got married at Calamigos Ranch in Malibu, California on August 9, 2014. This was a custom, upgraded Diamond package- and my first ever FIVE camera solo shoot (something not possible when using all DSLR cams). The 5th camera being a tree mounted GoPro behind the officiant for the ceremony. Fun day with a fun couple and an amazing location.

Felicia & Zach Part II : The Wedding Day Movie Trailer

And without further ado…

They got married at a private ranch in Calabasas, in what was truly a remarkable wedding and just all around awesome setting. The decor and atmosphere was just special, and made for an incredible moment in their journey together. I was honored to be able to capture it and retell their story cinematically. Four cameras on the ground and one in the air were used for the ceremony, with 3 ground cameras for the reception. All music used was recorded LIVE during the Wedding ceremony, and performed by Brandt Jacobus.