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Other Real Testimonials From Real Couples & Wedding Professionals
(Taken from emails and bridal reviews from various websites)

Jennifer & Joey

“OMG.  I cried!!!!!!!!!  This 21 minute trailer was worth (the money) ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!  I am so happy with what you have created! Great job, Jeremy =) I will be telling all my friends and will attach this video with your name on it.”

Jennifer + Joey | Holy Family Catholic Church in Pasadena and the Hilton Hotel in Glendale, CA (12-8-12)

Rita & John

“Absolutely amazing!! Sorry it’s taken so long to respond we have been dealing with (an emergency) and been so busy but I wanted to tell you how much I love it, so perfect!! You have such a gift’ the way everything was put together makes me relive it each time.” (Next day email) “P.S. just watched it again with John and still can’t get over how well you put it together, you even got parts the photographer hasn’t and made it all come alive, especially how well the speeches all flowed I can’t get over it, we Love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rita & John | Cabrillo Pavilion Arts Center in Santa Barbara, CA (9-2-12)

Robyn & Sean

“We have only gotten through the trailer and are in complete tears. We love you Jeremy, thank you so much. You are a blessing from God.”

Robyn & Sean | Columbia, Maryland

Lindsay & Garrett

“Jeremy! I just watched the movie trailer as soon as you sent it. I have to say that it is amazing and you did such a great job. Thank you so much!! You have a very positive Yelp review coming your way and of course, future referrals. We appreciate it.. the video is lovely & perfect.”

Lindsay & Garrett | Bandy Canyon Ranch in San Diego, CA  (9-29-12)

Lisa & Matt

“LOVE IT! LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVEEEEE IT!!! We just watched it twice together, and if it wasn’t getting late, I’d watch it again. (and again!) This makes me so excited to see the video confessional booth footage. Can’t wait!Thanks for doing an amazing job on this – I think it’ll make me happy forever and ever. :)”

Lisa & Matt | Thomas Fogarty Winery in Palo Alto, CA (8-31-12)

Jessica & Jay

“I worked with about 10 vendors for my wedding and Jeremy was my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE! My husband and I are blown away by his work every time we watch our video. We will be watching it at least every year on our anniversary and hopefully with our future kids and grandchildren. Jeremy, thank you for allowing us to always remember the best day of our lives!”

Jessica & Jay | Skirball Cultural Center

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