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The Wedding Day of Alex & Cindy 11-27-15

Alex and Cindy got married on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, and there is no place I’d have rather been than following them from location to location as their day was full of love, fun, and more than anything, SURPRISES. (You’ll have to watch the video until the end to see a few of them…)
Bridal prep began at a local hotel in Glendale, followed by the ceremony at Saint Andrew Church in Pasadena.  The reception was held at the Glenoaks Ballroom in Glendale, California.  This was a Diamond package combo with photography included, handled by Drea Castro.

The groom himself had his own Entertainment company handle the DJ/MC. Bravo Entertainment
Live music (and the 2nd song in the trailer below by TJ Brown, who I highly recommend checking out.  His live music sounded pre-recorded, that’s how good it was.

Lindsey and Tyler’s Palm Springs Wedding Video

Lindsey and Tyler got married at La Quinta Resorts in Palm Springs, California on October 10, 2015. If you want to get married in a scenic, tranquil (aka ROMANTIC) place surrounded by mother nature, this is the place. Get a sneak peek here with the next day Instagram edit from their wedding film.

Who you’re surrounded by and working with can also make or break the day, and everyone here was all focused on the same goal; what was best for Lindsey and Tyler. If you are using any of them on your big day, you’ve made a good decision!
Here’s a list of that talented group.
Wedding Planner – Angela Hall
Ceremony Officiant – Rev. Clint Hufft
Photographer – Amanda Mckinnon
DJ/MC – DJ Zephyr at Epic Entertainment
Florist – Christina Barragan

Catherine and Joe’s Wedding Film

Catherine and Joe got married on October 17, 2015 in Oakland, California. A military service, which ended in a very cool traditional salute with swords and announcements, was followed up in grand fashion at the Claremont Country Club. Watch their 10 minute movie trailer to get a glimpse of what the entire day was like. (You’ll also see some aerial shots I was able to sneak in with my drone during a day that was not lacking moments to film).

P.S. While I am officially a Los Angeles Videographer, I often travel up and down the coast, as well as all over the world. One of the biggest blessings filming weddings has offered me is the ability to travel the globe doing something I love. Hopefully I’ll get to Italy to film one soon!

Flash Mob Proposal in the RAIN : Kai & Emma

All the planning. All the anticipation. Excitement. Nervousness; Will she figure it out? Will she say yes? Kai, with the amazing help from The Heart Bandits, who plan wow factor proposals all over the world, was set to pop the question on Saturday, December 18, 2015. What could go wrong?
Well, when you’re planning a surprise proposal in Santa Monica, by the beach, where the idea is to be casually walking down the boardwalk only to suddenly have a group of dancers spring out around you, choreographing their movements to the tune of the fiance to be’s favorite song, RAIN kind of puts a damper on things, not least of which, plausible rationality for a casual stroll down a deserted boardwalk with rain rarely seen in Los Angeles coming down. (Apologies for the run on sentence!)

Be that as it may, it didn’t stop our hero from carrying out his mission- and while she may have known he was up to something, it was still a ton of fun to watch; tho admittedly, not altogether AS fun to film, having to protect stationary cameras from the elements while being “incognito.” Yeah, she knew what was happening for sure, but check it out anyway, and TRY to get the song out of your head afterwards.

I think it’s worth adding, while I started out filming weddings, when I chose my business name, (On Bended Knee Films, duh :)- the art of the actual proposal, signifying the initial commitment to give yourself to one person for the rest of your lives, always captivated me a bit more. Everything after that moment becomes, to an extent, a formality. Filming this flash mob proposal, rain notwithstanding, reminded me of that, and was just an absolute joy to witness, not to mention capture on video. I look forward to filming many more in the coming months.

Julia & Gabe’s Wedding Day Trailer!

Julia and Gabe got married at the Thomas Fogarty Winery in Woodside, California. This was my second time filming there, but first with the drone, so it was exciting. There aren’t many places more beautiful or scenic than this to tie the knot. High up in the mountains, miles away from main roads, and on top of a vast winery makes for the perfect backdrop.

Another great thing about the setup here, as is with many outdoor locations, is it gives me plenty of room to maneuver behind the scenes. In this case, it made it easy to set up and handle a 3 camera ceremony shoot with just one videographer (myself).

The fact that Julia and Gabe were so obviously and infectiously head over heels for one another made the day all the more pleasant, and it really just flew by. If only I could have included Gabe rapping Vanilla Ice (which happens to be one of my go-tos as well if ever forced onto karaoke stage), then you’d really have a sense of how all around amazing this day was.

Getting to relive days like this with so many couples really makes me appreciate what I do; to be around such love on a weekly basis, and get to retell the story of THAT day, for all of the friends and family who didn’t make it, as well as those who did and want to relive it; not to mention the future generations- kids, grandkids, great grandkids one day… will get to see what it was like on the day their _______parents got married…

I look forward to filming yours.
Have a great weekend! 🙂