Stephanie & Michael’s Wedding at the Temecula Creek Inn

Stephanie and Michael got married on April 21, 2017 at the Temecula Creek Inn. This was a beautiful setting and perfect weather for their big day. I filmed this one solo, but was still able to manage 3 cameras for the ceremony, with an added specialty camera to grab some extra cinema style shots. With a full day of coverage and both Stephanie and Michael rather close for bridal prep, going without a second shooter is hardly noticeable. Was also great working with Erin at Leilani Weddings and the team at Wheeland Photography who were easy to work with as well! Overall an extremely memorable day with some of my past favorite couples in attendance and just a perfect mix of atmosphere, location, weather, people, and feeling in the air. Watch the video and see if you agree! 🙂

Krystine and Tim get married at the 1909 on Topanga Canyon

Krystine and Tim got married at the 1909 on Topanga Canyon Blvd on March 27, 2017.  This was a fun location nestled away out there in the middle of the canyons and with a family that always fun to spend the day with, especially if you enjoy peach whiskey (tho I never drink when I’m working)!  There was so much going on throughout the night I can only hope I captured it all.
(This is the wedding trailer for a custom diamond package with 2 videographers).

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Bernice and James get married at the Reef in Long Beach!

Bernice and James got married at the Reef in Long Beach, CA on March 11. 2017.  This was a fun day at a hidden gem of a location, particularly the backdrop for the wedding ceremony.  A custom diamond package for an incredibly cute couple, as if you won’t notice if you watch their video.  Makes my job easy when the smiles and laughs are never ending all day and night! 🙂

Other vendors I had the pleasure to work with on this one…
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Holly and Jayson get married at Rancho Las Lomas in Newport Beach

Holly and Jayson got married at Rancho Las Lomas in NewPort Beach on October 23, 2016. What was supposed to be an outdoor wedding surrounded by wild and exotic animals, ended up an intimate fireside affair due to torrential rain. It was still quite a night. Thanks to Angela at for coordinating a great night out of some tough circumstances!

The Wedding of Idalia & Juan

This is a bit of a late post, as I was forced to delay finishing Idalia and Juan’s video a few times due to a handful of personal events, combined with the much slower pace I have with weddings entirely in Spanish. They got married on July 9, 2016 at Our Lady of Victory Church in Compton, CA. The reception followed at Casa de Lago in Orange, California. Bridal prep was filmed at the Doubletree Hotel by Hilton in Anaheim, along with bridal party pics and a first look at a nearby park.
This was a long but very sweet day for me. As many weddings are and I forget to mention, a previous couple that I was very fond of had referred me to Idalia, and they were at the wedding. It always feels like family on these occasions, which makes “working” that much more enjoyable. (Even if I am ALWAYS on my toes due to lack of fluent Spanish speaking skills.)
Either way, it was a rather rough Fall for me, and keeping my concentration on editing a Love Story can be difficult when going through trying times. Add the language barrier and this became a tough one to stay focused on, especially when I am making an extra concerted effort to make every edit original from their friend’s video.
Alas, I finished it a few weeks ago, more than twice the time it takes me normally, and here it is. An extended movie trailer for Idalia and Juan, a couple that I could truly feel pure and genuine love radiate from.