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Before I post Felicia and Zach’s Movie Trailer from their amazing Wedding last Saturday, let me introduce them.
Here’s a quick slideshow I put together for them to show at their rehearsal dinner. The best part about it is the very beginning.

The proposal.

Any guys out there looking for an idea- here’s a cute one- just make sure you run it by the bride and groom first 😉

Zach got down on bended knee at his sister’s wedding, who was in on it from the beginning- which will become obvious as she has her sights set on one person in particular during her Bouquet Toss.

I always feel like I get to know each couple AND their family when I get to sort thru hundreds of pictures of them throughout the years- and during their journey together. So it’s always extra sweet to be there for the climax of it all. The Wedding Day…

Next post in just minutes… of their Big Day, one year later…