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Well, it’s that time of the year again, time for another one to start! I hope you all have had a wonderful holiday season, and are looking forward to a new beginning.
2012 has been the busiest year ever for me, and I am very grateful and blessed for all the support I get from those close to me, as well as all of my truly amazing couples, who entrusted me to capture the biggest day of their lives.
Moving forward into a this brand new year, I look forward to all of the amazing couples I have yet to meet, and those who I’ve already met and booked and will have the opportunity to work with soon.
This year is setting up to be even busier than last, and I hope the same for everyone reading this. (Okay, even for people not reading this.. if I like them 😉 …)

Remember to make a New Year’s resolution, and set a goal or two for yourself. It’s amazing how self accountability can serve as a great motivator. And if you aren’t a great self motivator, get a friend or family member involved. Get some help in keeping you in line with your goals. And even if you slip up once or twice, or 50 times, it’s NEVER too late to start again. So much in life is purely persistence and faith.

Life is full of chances… as many as you are willing to take. I heard a quote somewhere recently and I can’t for the life of me remember where, but it’s “from” someone’s father (I say “from” because I don’t remember if it was a real person or in a movie)… anyway, the quote… from “someone’s father,” who would say it to his son,

“What would you set out to do if you knew you wouldn’t fail?”

Think about that…

Make a resolution. Set a goal(s). Be bold.

As my final quote of 2012 says, from that Matt Damon movie where he bought a zoo, “You know, sometimes all you need is twenty seconds of insane courage. Just literally twenty seconds of just embarrassing bravery. And I promise you, something great will come of it.”

Happy New year everyone. Be safe. Be good. Be brave. God bless…