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So last night my external hard drive containing all of my current projects failed. (No more Seagate hard drives for me). Of course, I have all the pertinent files backed up, but I don’t back up all the project edits, so quite a few days of work was lost. Thankfully, after many hours of relentless effort- I was able to get the hard drive to operate for all of like 7 minutes, which gave me enough time to extract the necessary files to avoid losing said work days of edits. Before this happened, I was probably over stressing on getting my two current projects done before the end of next week- now my pace is much calmer, thanks to a little perspective grabber. On a very small scale of course. Turning on the news for ten seconds would probably have the same effect. Not that I don’t watch the news… wait.
Anyway, now I should be able to keep to my schedule, finishing up Sabrina and Rashaad’s video by this weekend, Jeff’s party video next week, with a few red carpet events for Glamour.com thrown into the mix.

Back to work I go!