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Today I had such a blast I figured I’d blog about it.

The day started off at St. Bede’s Catholic Church in La Canada Flintridge. I quickly remembered the last time I had been there upon arrival. I shot there on New Years day back in 2006. The bride that day was Christina, whose Mom was also the church coordinator. Sometimes catholic church coordinators can be very strict, if not a tad unfriendly, so it was a great start to the day to run into her. The fact that she quickly told the bride and groom that they had hired the best videographer didn’t hurt the ego either.

Anyway, the day started off standard. The ceremony lasted 70 minutes, long enough for a tape change on the A cam. The B cam was on p2 cards, so it was just a long file transfer as soon as the ceremony ended.

Jamie and Taylor had a really cool, and quite spacious, party shuttle. It almost looked like it was take straight out of 1960’s San Francisco. Of course I say that without any real knowledge of what the cable cars looked like then offhand, but I’m just guessing.

The reception was at The Thursday Club, also in La Canada. This small gem of a place would never be found if you didn’t know it was there. The DJ even mentioned he lived a few blocks away and didn’t know it existed. Speaking of the DJ, Dean, all of the vendors i worked with today were amazing. Jennifer the coordinator. Nicola and her partner were fantastic photographers.

Back to the wedding. The grand entrance and introductions, while tricky for me to film, being both inside and outside, were awesome to watch. The bridal party was very creative and had a lot of fun acting out their choregraphed dance moves upon being called. Just a lot of fun there.

On top of which, it’s always great to see past clients at weddings. Tonight I got to see one of my favorite couple’s of all time, JaJa and Tyler. I filmed there wedding back in the summer of 2006 at the Balboa Yacht club. The same positive energy that I remember roaming the air at their wedding, was there again tonight. This was definitely a wedding I’d have loved to be a guest at. Though I must admit, I felt like one at times, as both families were extremely fun and friendly. At one point, I did something I NEVER do at weddings Im filming… DANCE.

The groom’s brother insisted I get in the video and dance. Mind you my initial reluctance had much less to do with my hesitation about dancing without the help of a few drinks in me, and much more to do with the intoxication level of said brother in law. Having said that, I obliged, and danced for a minute, or two.. even having the privilege to dance with the bride for a bit. Though, looking back, I think the brother forgot to hit record, so i won’t have to relive that “white men can’t dance without drinks” moment.

In summary, just a great day, and a reminder of why I love what I do. I only wish I had more time in the day, so I could edit these weddings faster. I literally got a chill a few times tonight, when I captured I shot that I immediately envisioned fitting into a cinematic montage. I wish I could start editing their wedding tomorrow, but I have quite a stack to tackle first.

It really is a pleasure and an honor to work with people on their wedding day. I’m already looking forward to next weekend! Well, maybe not quite as much… since Im filming a Sunday wedding, and I’ll have to miss the Ravens game! But still a little bit… 😉