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Weeks have come and gone, and I keep thinking, “Ill blog tomorrow, I’ve got editing to do today!” Suddenly, I can’t even count the number of days since my last entry.

My sincere apologies to all readers and guests who have come during this time, expecting some form of witty, if not philosophical teachings on life, and commentary on the wedding world. I’m trying to learn a balance and keep to a schedule, so I don’t leave you hanging much longer.

I have finished quite a few projects during the past few weeks, and gone on a few trips (which dented my edit time a bit as well.) A short film, a party video, and a travel video, all have been shot and edited within the last month, in addition to four weddings, and my first ever Baptism, this past weekend.

I have a two day shoot this week for a sketch comedy pilot, and then it’s full steam ahead on editing a backlog of weddings. I am about to finish up Linda and Patrick’s video, with Myla and Dan’s close behind.

Daniel & Tho and Tanya & Michael, you are right behind. Jamie & Taylor, Ashley & Josh, then you!

With a wide open December, I plan on using that as my catch up month, and will work diligently to get as many couples their wedding video before the holidays as possible.

Here’s a picture of me working double duty. Uploading on one computer, while editing on another. If anyone knows how to clone yourself, please let me know. Michael Keaton isn’t returning my calls.

Linda & Patrick's wedding on the left, Jason & Karina's B'Nai Mitzvah on the right