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So after some chocolate cravings last week, a dear friend of mine surprised me with a Basketball themed box of Whitman’s chocolates. It hit the spot for sure, but because the faux leather basketball made for such a unique box, I decided to keep it, minus the insert for chocolates. That’s when I realized, but that chocolate holder would make a great holder for a diamond ring… or whatever kind of stone you’d like to propose with. The box itself could plausibly come without the plastic wrap sealing as well, but if you REALLY wanted to make it legit, it’s easy to find tools to re seal, or just use a blow dryer and saran wrap.

Regardless, if you play it right, the anticipation of a possible proposal, followed by a gifting of flowers and box of chocolates, might just make for a wonderfully special moment. From letdown to jubilation. Just a thought as I head to church…
Stay dry out there in this beautiful Los Angeles monsoon. 😉