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I’ll be in Spain. Madrid, Spain, to be exact. But not for long, off to Seville from the airport, where I will film Derrick and Amanda’s wedding.

Why do I bring this up you might wonder? Good question. Thanks for thinking it…

I have SOOO much to get done before hand, and six weddings to film between now and then, with another five I need to finish editing.

So your next question is why am I wasting time blogging about this, and not editing. Another good question. I don’t really have a good answer, though I am rendering some green screen footage a I type this, so I am sort of still killing two birds with one stone. I also have the O’s game on, so maybe even 3…

Maybe I’m writing about this to remind the Gods of accountability (ie my conscience) that I need to stay on point, and continue to work relentlessly, until it comes time to head to Europe. Of course I know all of this. I suppose I better get back to editing now, as the rendering is complete, and I have no excuses anymore. Especially since I have a meeting with a couple in 35 minutes, and the Lakers play at 6:30!

Yeah, no time to waste… Happy Monday!