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Okay, it’s been forever and then some since I’ve posted a proposal idea. I made a conscious choice to keep my blog as uncluttered as possible, only posting wedding videos and love stories, with an added one here and there for good measure. But I do feel, to keep with the integrity of the original purpose of the blog, I should bring a new idea every now and then, if not once a month. I do this on a whim’s notice, and with no previous thought to this idea. That being said, here goes…

I am currently attempting to plan a trip to Italy this summer. So far, my attempts to book a wedding there, affording me the luxury of virtually a free trip, have failed… BUT, I am still trying, and with that thought, a destination proposal idea seems appropriate.
This isn’t elaborate, though you can make it so if you choose. But here’s what you do. You first and foremost, DECIDE that you are going to carve out a week, if not more, this summer, to spend a vacation abroad. It can be within the United States as well, if there is somewhere in the Homeland you’ve been excited about visiting. But you ask your partner, “Let’s do something fun and exciting, BIG this summer! Where do you want to go?”

Take it from there. Pick a place. So many places in Europe are amazing. Pretty much any island in Greece is amazing. Santorini is absolutely heavenly, and I highly recommend that. Places there in Fira and Oia will absolutely blow your mind. I’d say don’t forget your camera, but who EVER does that these days. Mykonos is another great island! I actually had the pleasure of filming a wedding there last summer. Below is the wedding video, where the groom describes his proposal in Italy the previous summer…

And as you can see, there is beautiful beaches there as well, especially in Little Venice. Spain is beautiful. Sevilla and Barcelona are completely different, and great in their own way. Here’s a wedding from Sevilla I also shot last summer. This is actually out in the country, about a 45 minute taxi ride from the main city in Sevilla. Secluded and beautiful.

Hopefully the videos don’t slow down the pace of the reading. I figure a romantic wedding video shot on location could be inspiring in it’s own way when figuring out the best place to propose. Because on a side note, especially when done properly, the place that you propose, will be a place in time forever engraved in your mind and heart. It will hopefully be a place you can visit 25 years later and remember the day…

Anyway, back on topic. As I said, I’m excited about visiting Italy this summer, specifically the Amalfi Coast, Rome, Florence, and Venice, any of which would be a spectacular proposal destination. Paris, France anyone? Rooftop restaurants? The Eiffel Tower? The possibilities and romantic opportunities are endless.

So once you’ve picked your destination, that’s when you go to work on deciding the when and the where. And of course the HOW! Many hotels and restaurants will be happy to assist you. I remember one couple whose wedding I filmed years ago told me about their proposal. In Paris, on a hotel roof, the groom to be, with the assistance of the hotel staff, formed a pathway of roses, to a private table, ready with wine, and a view of the Eiffel Tower. This wasn’t a rooftop restaurant, just a regular rooftop, but the groom was thinking outside of the box, and the hotel staff was happy to accommodate. Don’t be afraid to go big and/or bold!

Once you’ve picked a place, and a time, do something to spice it up, and throw her (or him) off. Most partners will begin to think something is up, if not on their own, with the help of their friends, once they hear of these big “romantic” plans you’ve made, so you need to do something to throw him/her off the trail. (

Maybe you plant the ring in something SHE is carrying. (Of course you need to be super careful, so as not to make it something she will find OR lose accidentally). Fortune cookies have been done. Unless you’re a magician you’re not pulling it from her ear, so you’ll have to come up with something on your own. Maybe you place it in a small box of band aids, or a first aid kit, that you conveniently asked her to “fit” in her purse for the night “JUST IN CASE.” You’ll have plenty of time to figure that out.

Or, like Noel (from the first video above), maybe you just want to wait for the perfect time, and you decide to carry the ring with you waiting for that moment to hit. That could be just as special as carefully coordinating every minute detail.

It’s up to you. A destination proposal is a great (if hidden) excuse to explore places you’ve only dreamed about. Coming up with the cover story is up to you, not that you really need one. Sometimes we all just need to take a break, and realize life is too short. We deserve breaks from the every day grind. A vacation just for sake of a vacation is all the excuse you really need. You don’t need to wait until retirement to start enjoying life. If you’ve never traveled beyond our borders here in the United States, it could be a great way to get even closer to your partner, and see a side you’ve never seen.

So that’s it. A bit meandering, I know, so please forgive me. Hopefully if you found this, it’s sparked a bit of excitement to pop the question in grand fashion. Good luck!

And just an FYI, if you happy to see this and are planning a destination wedding, mention this blog post, and depending on my schedule, and the location, I may film your wedding for the cost of airfare alone. Perhaps I should make a separate blog entry in regards to this, now that I think about it.
As they say in Greece, kalispera!
Good night!