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Okay, as one of the original ideas of this blog, I have failed miserably, but I vow to try and keep the flicker of life to it alive. Being the holiday season, and a time of year when many proposals seem to take place. (I know this because I get a lot of calls for summer weddings in January)

So first one this month will be short and sweet. This can happen on Christmas Day, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, whenever. Heck it can happen on her birthday, if she happens to have a December wedding.

It might work better if you have recently been talking about getting married, if for no other reason than to test the waters, and know you’ll be getting the answer you’re hoping for.

So give her her gift(s), and then share a few moments. Let her think that everything is over and finished, and that’s all she’s getting. THEN, suddenly remember one more gift. You can always add drama by saying you left it in the car, or other room, or just pull it out f your pocket. That gift of course will be an engagement ring.

If family members are present, you could even cue one of them before hand to start playing your favorite song as you pop the question. Surround yourself by as many holiday lights as possible, which always adds another romantic element.

Of course, as your jostling around for “that” gift, you should be making sure your facing her, on bended knee, Good luck gentlemen!

I’m looking forward to some snowfall so I can imagine some creative ways to propose in the snow. I’m already remembering when I used to build igloos as a kid. 🙂