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Let me just say, this one is for a couple that are probably both sports fans… preferably Laker fans in Los Angeles.

I’ve been to my fair share of Lakers game the past ten years, and one thing they always do, which gets the crowd laughing and kawing, is something called the Kiss Cam. Basically, the camera singles out different couples, sometimes even accidentally getting a man and woman who aren’t together, and the deal is, when you are on the jumbo tron during kiss cam, you kiss, or you get booed.

Obviously, you cant leave it to random chance, so call the Lakers box office prior to coming to the game, and set it up with the production crew. I’m sure if you call guest services at Staples Center, they can point you to the right person to set this up. (Here is the number for that (213) 742-7FAN)

So, once you’ve called and set this up with the production crew, have your ring ready for the big moment. When the kiss cam finally finds you, perhaps a goofy dance to get the croud into it would be great… a quick spin move, while at the same time pulling out the ring… and then getting down on bended knee… Hopefully shell give you a quick yes, so that you can get your kiss in (on the kiss cam)- before the game resumes… as Im pretty sure they’d save you for the final kiss before play resumes.

Not very original, but it would definetly be memorable and alot of fun. IN fact, the optimal thing to do would be to have a friend come with, perhaps even sitting in a different area, and filming the entire thing on the jumbo tron as it all goes down. It’d be a fun moment to relive…. even better if the Lakers win. 😉

Hope the new year has started off well for you!

ps- BTW, Tonight’s game started off extremely slow, but the 4th quarter was incredible, culminating with a 3 pointer by Derek Fisher to break a 70-70 tie with 3 seconds left. Final Score. Lakers 73 Mavericks 70