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So I realize this has been the season of engagements, as is the early stages of any new year, following the holidays. So before I go too long without one, here’s one just in time for Valentine’s Day.
Send her flowers. Or even edible arrangements, which are flowers cut from fruit, and covered in chocolate (optional, but THE way to do it.) With the flowers, send a card.
Create a treasure hunt of sorts. Literally if you want to. Leaving a clue at each pre planned stop as to your ultimate destination is. Or. Tell her you have a surprise for her. Ask her if she has an appetite? Maybe a joke to save her appetite if you send her the fruit.

Keep her guessing, but make it a night full of surprises. Maybe you set up a photo session (which could double as an engagement session), maybe you are taking her to the site of your first date, maybe it’s snowing and you want to go ice skating, or make snow angels. With the ring in your coat or back pocket, you can turn and one of these stops, into a romantic proposal spot.

The best proposals are ones that come as a surprise, so keep her waiting until she thinks you are out of surprises. Tell her the final surprise is your dinner destination, and make it a good one.

Of course, before the night is over, you blurt out, “Oh you know what, i forgot. I do have one last surprise.”

Get down on bended knee… pull out the ring, and ask for her hand.

As always, try to have a friend or someone nearby ready with a cell phone camera to capture it on video. Always a great moment to relive.

Okay, back to working on Jenn and Herb’s wedding video, to be posted here soon.
Have a great day!