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Okay, so yesterday was April Fool’s Day, so I hope noone proposed as a joke, cuz well, that just wouldn’t be funny… Conversely, if someone did propose and mean it, I hope noone said no, and then said “April Fool’s!” Well, maybe not, that would be funny.

Okay, so an original proposal idea. It’s been a while, and this will literally be spur of the moment, off the top of my head, so forgive me if it’s out there.

Okay, here it goes…

Still thinking….



Top of the head.

I’ve been really enjoying the television show Leverage lately, in fact, it eats up about 45 minutes of edit time each day between 11 and 12. (I still work during commercials) That in mind, let’s trick her.

The idea. Figure out a way to get her to a place that sells diamond rings, without her knowing. I’m not talking, “I’ll take you here, but it’s a surprise either.” I’m talking, she doesn’t know you’re involved, and she shows up, where you are waiting for her.

Why would she go to a place that sells diamond rings without you, and/or not think you’re involved? Good question.

She won’t know. She’ll think she’s going somewhere entirely different, for a completely different reason.

So, first step. You need to create an official looking letter head and envelope for an agency, business, or something that you know would relate to her and grab her interest.

Maybe you send her IRS letters, if that’s relevant (tho convoluted). Maybe scrapbooking event stuff? Movie premiere. A sale at a store she loves. A spa certificate. Anything that will make her inquire.

Next step, get her to commit to whatever “fictional” event you have going. You’ll probably have to bring in friends and/or even actors to help you pull this off. Maybe a good friend’s girlfriend can play the role of whoever you need to have your own girlfriend call. (Your friend’s girlfriend will know how to greet the phone based on whatever phone number you give her to look out for).
Quick example…
Allow her to book a massage at a spa nearby (You can substitute anything else relevant to her for the spa here), by using the real phone number of the massage, (or the friend) but giving her the address of the place that sells diamond rings. (May be easier to use friend as spa rep in case your girlfriend asks for the address over the phone).

When she shows up to the place for a massage, make sure you or someone else is nearby to direct her to the store. Obviously if the spa or wherever else she thinks she is going is not at the address she has arrived at, her suspicions will be on high alert, but she’ll have no clue it’s actually you waiting to buy her the ring of her choice.

If you’ve pulled this off properly, she’ll walk into the address given to her by you via various channels, not knowing what on earth is going on. The confusion and anxiety alone will cause your sudden appearance to be all the more surprising and assuring.

Ideally, you could let someone in on it at the store, and have them help you by greeting her once inside, and gradually getting her to the ring area. That’s where you will be waiting, On Bended Knee, with an empty ring box.

You can open it, and then tell her to pick one.

This might not be such a simple plan to pull off, but with a little help from your friends, I think it would be well worth it.

I also realize now, after having written this, that the ending is a bit like the proposal in that Reese Witherspoon movie…. ummmm. Sweet Home Alabama.

BUT, I think this is much better. The surprise factor while her guard is up will make the whole surprise all the more exhilarating. If anyone happens to pull this off, please let me know.

That said, happy April everyone. The Wedding Season is upon us, and my days are about to get even busier!

Editors note- I strongly urge you to use your best judgement as to what tactics to use to get your girlfriend (or boyfriend) to the location you want him/her at. If you know they don’t like surprises, maybe go a different route. If they stress easily, don’t use any ruse that relates to money or legal stuff….

Afterwards, you can take her to another spa, or wherever else she want to go, and you can celebrate together.