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Take your girlfriend or boyfriend to a place you have never been. A place where you have both dreamed about, or at least, talked about visiting before. A beautiful country or a winter cabin… Just make it somewhere memorable and special.

As I have started to explore parts of the world I never thought I would growing up, I realize how eye opening, and enlightening it can be. And while pictures do their part in preserving memories, nothing could top a proper proposal (hmmm, say that 3 times fast)… at a destination you’ll already never forget.

So pick a place. A place she’s dreamed of visiting.
Pick a date. A date where the excuse for going is believable, and a proposal is not so easily expected or detected.

Pick a ring. A ring she will love. 😉

Book it.
Plan for it. Plan the details for the night you’ll propose.

A limo? A ferry ride? A rooftop restaurant overlooking Paris?

Make it all happen… and when the time comes…
get down On Bended Knee…

And try to make sure someone is warned and armed with a camera to snap a few pictures of that moment. There will be very few in your lifetime more worthwhile of the click of a camera.