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Happy Leap Year everyone!

It’s kind of crazy isn’t it? Imagine the calendar only naming your birthday once every four years. It’d be great if you only aged once every four years tho right? Ahh yeah, that’s not the case, so what else is there to do on February 29th every four years?

How about propose? I’d say get married, but I don’t think many brides would appreciate an anniversary once every 4 years. However, when it’s your proposal date, it makes it a bit more special. I doubt many people celebrate the dates when the initial proposal occurred, much less remember it. But if it only happened one time every four years, something tells me it might entice a romantic evening.

Even if it’s not entirely planned, a special place will become wherever you are at the moment the question is asked.

I mean, when a baby is born, that date becomes the date you remember forever, and that’s why we have birthdays. But what about that first moment you found out you were going to be a parent? That first day you found out you were pregnant? That was a pretty special day in your life I’d bet. Your proposal day should be no different, so why not make it happen?

It may be too late for 2012, but hey, you’ve got four years to plan for 2016. And if any of you guys out there are debating a proposal, today is as great an excuse as you’ll get for an impromptu proposal as there ever will be.

So think of a romantic setting, a nice restaurant, or a place you know you won’t mind going back to every four years, take your significant other there, and get down on bended knee.

Congrats, you’re ready to take the “LEAP!”

ps- Credit timely pun to Meredith. 😉