Marriage Proposal Idea – Perfect to a chocolate lover!

So after some chocolate cravings last week, a dear friend of mine surprised me with a Basketball themed box of Whitman’s chocolates. It hit the spot for sure, but because the faux leather basketball made for such a unique box, I decided to keep it, minus the insert for chocolates. That’s when I realized, but that chocolate holder would make a great holder for a diamond ring… or whatever kind of stone you’d like to propose with. The box itself could plausibly come without the plastic wrap sealing as well, but if you REALLY wanted to make it legit, it’s easy to find tools to re seal, or just use a blow dryer and saran wrap.

Regardless, if you play it right, the anticipation of a possible proposal, followed by a gifting of flowers and box of chocolates, might just make for a wonderfully special moment. From letdown to jubilation. Just a thought as I head to church…
Stay dry out there in this beautiful Los Angeles monsoon. 😉

The Wedding Day of Alex & Bruna

Alex and Bruna got married at Casa Real, at Ruby Hill Winery in Pleasanton, California on September 2, 2016. This was truly a whirlwind day so jam packed with different types of fun and love in the air that it flew by. From giant Jenga, to jumbo TicTacToe, and Lawn games like Baggo (or Cornhole, depending on where you’re from) and a GoPro infused bottle of Fireball, there was never a shortage of activity, and it was all done in style and flair thanks to another well planned and coordinated event by 2FriendsEvents, the movie trailer had to be a bit longer than has become the norm. Watch and see if you can get a taste of what that day was like for the couple and everybody in attendance!

The Wedding Day of Raneda & Marcus

Raneda and Marcus got married at Spanish Hills Country Club on August 27, 2016. This is always one of my favorite venues with lots of great memories, and their wedding was another special one to add to the list. When the best man is a preacher, you can expect some wise words to be spoken, but the atmosphere was truly magical.
This was a customized diamond package with two videographers and three cameras, plus aerial drone coverage. Always great working with Cliff and Gary of The Wedding Music DJs as well!

Surprise Proposal after a Helicopter ride to a Malibu Mountaintop

Wenzhuo treated his girlfriend, Ivy, to a scenic helicopter tour over all of Los Angeles, culminating in a champagne lunch on a private mountaintop in Malibu.  Little did she know, Wenzhuo was about to give the performance of his life, ending it on bended knee.  As a wedding videographer in Los Angeles, it’s not every day I get to jump on a helicopter and fly over the cityscapes myself, so this was a real treat. (I do use the Phantom drone quite often, so I’ve had a bird’s eye view, just not physically been there).

I know it’s been a while since I’ve written about proposal ideas (I really need to get back on that), but here’s one to at the very least, inspire some creative thinking when it comes to the matter of getting a “yes” answer from the one you love.  This was another well planned and truly fun day arranged by the Heart Bandits.  I highly recommend them if you need help or simply just want to make the most spectacular marriage proposal possible.

Here’s a full account of last Saturday’s action.


Backlog of Edits…

Just a quick message to explain the lack of posts lately.  I’ve had the opportunity to work on a few new projects that have forced me to cut back on my wedding editing for a few months.  I love filming weddings, especially in Los Angeles, but having a break from the monotony has been nice.  That said, I’m back in two weeks and gonna be zipping out wedding videos at a rapid pace from then until January.

If you’re reading this, thanks for stopping by and good luck with your wedding planning! 🙂

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